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Over the years I have had the opportunity to record some really great artists. Most recordings are done with my 24 track MOTU and sound pretty good. It definitly shows the progression of my ability to mix sound over the years. I believe that since leaving the profession and deciding to record and mix only as a hobby now has helped spark some new insterest in recording my own material.

These are my recordings of the Elation Orchestra when I was working for Carnival Cruise Lines as the Sound Technician on the ship "Elation".  Eric Sande was the Musical Director and Mark Price was the Cruise Director. This is my favorite band over the years. These guys were a lot of fun to work with.

09-30-2001 Eighty One.mp3
09-30-2001 SNL Theme flubbed ending w SHAY.mp3
09--2001 Battle Royal.mp3
09--2001 Come back to me.mp3
09--2001 Mack the Knife.mp3
09--2001 SNL Theme w Jeremy.mp3
09--2001 The Chicken.mp3
10-2-2001 Invitation.mp3
10-6-2001 Slick Stuff.mp3
10-7-2001 SNL Theme w Mark.mp3
10-7-2001 The Chicken.mp3
10-9-2001 Battle Royal 2.mp3


This is one of the karaoke recordings I did with Lorena from the Carnival ship "Pride". She is a great singer and I believe this recording shows her talent well.

Contigo en la Distancia.mp3

This was a demo CD I recorded for a band called "Unity" while on the Carnival ship "Pride"

Autumn Leaves.mp3
Before I let go.mp3
Got To Get You Into My Life.mp3
I'm not immune.mp3
Let's Groove.mp3
My Girl.mp3
Portrait of two souls.mp3
Single Men.mp3
Stormy Monday.mp3
Too Close.mp3
Try a little tenderness.mp3

These are a few recordings I did with my first band back when we were all still in high school.

(cover) Dope hat  Manson 2000.mp3 - this one cracks me up. It's the first recording I ever did with my band and we thought we rocked out!
The Band - 03 - What if.mp3

These are recordings of the Pride Orchestra when I was working on the cruise ship "Pride".  Jim Hanson was the Musical Director and Troy Linton was the Cruise Director.

02-02-2002 Invitation.mp3
02-05-2002 Battle Royal - Second Show.mp3
02-05-2002 Song 1 - Victor Zuniga- Second Show.mp3
02-05-2002 Song 2 - Victor Zuniga- Second Show.mp3
02-05-2002 Song 3 - Victor Zuniga- Second Show.mp3
02-05-2002 Victor Zuniga's First Show Song 1.mp3
02-05-2002 Victor Zuniga's First Show Song 2.mp3
02-05-2002 Victor Zuniga's First Show Song 3.mp3
02-08-2002 Troy Linton Singing - More.mp3
02-16-2002 Eighty One 2 no verb.mp3
02-16-2002 In a mellow tone.mp3
02-19-2002 Invitation.mp3
02-19-2002 Love for sale.mp3
02-23-2002 I remember You.mp3
02-25-2002 Eighty One (show 2).mp3
03-16-2002 Eighty One.mp3
03-19-2002 In a mellow tone.mp3
03-22-2002 The chicken.mp3

This is one of my more recent projects. I wanted to start recording some songs using my guitar POD. On these recordings I play all the instruments.

Fade to Black with solo - 2003.mp3
Instrumental - 2003.mp3
something to believe (pro tools) 2002.mp3 - This is from when Pro Tools released their free version. It was recorded using my computers sound card though, so the quality doesn't reflect on the software well.

This is from August 1999 when a blind friend of mine Kevin Reeves asked me to help him record some songs he had in mind. He had a hard drive based recording system and this was my first real attempt at a high quality recording. It turned out pretty good and really helped push me forward into the recording field. Check out his web site 
www.kevinreeves.net. His newest CD is quite good.

01 - Kevin Reeves - Where Love And Justice Meet.mp3
02 - Kevin Reeves - Tear It All Away.mp3
04 - Kevin Reeves - Drive The Nail.mp3
06 - Kevin Reeves - Awesome God.mp3