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Vehicle: 1994 Plymouth Voyager
Owner: Benjamin Barch

RMS: 600watts
Peak: 1200watts

Subs: (2) Sony Xplod 12"
Front's: (2) Sony Xplod 3 way 4 1/2"
Rear's: (2) Sony Xplod 2 way 6x9"

(1) Sony Xplod 2150 (Subs)
(1) Sony Xplod XM475GSX (Front and rear)

Special Parts:
Computer customized to playback music. Well my very primitive version of the computer anyway. This is where it all started.

    Well, I have to start by saying this vehicle was a moving target ever since I got it. I don't even have any pictures of what it looked like before I started to run into things with it. This picture is from after a deer decided it wanted the right of way.


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