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To control the computer music player I needed to hook up a power switch. I found an empty location in part of the dash. this is what it looked like before I made the modification.




You can see where the above piece goes in the dash here. just to the right of the center opening.




This is the dash piece after I made the modification and installed it back into the van.




This is the mess of wires for the stereo head unit.




I decided to put the amps under the driver and passenger seat. I wouldn't recommend this placement for the amps again as it tends to get wet and muddy from shoes.




Another shot of under the seat where the amplifier is going.




Here you can see the inverter I bought to run the power supply of the computer. It is seen as the "little red amp looking thing" right behind the Xplod amp in the drivers seat location. This inverter introduced some 60 cycle hum into the audio though. I wouldn't use an inverter again that is for sure.




A shot showing the drivers side door.




After the passenger side was installed you could still see the amp if you looked close enough from the front side of the seat.




From the back side however, it is much harder to notice an amplifier.




The screen for the computer was mounted down by the floor.




Showing the pioneer radio...




The new battery terminal...




And finally showing the location of the subs.




The subs sounded better when pointed up. It worked out well as it took up the least amount of space in the back too.

I didn't take a lot of pictures of this installation. It wasn't the cleanest of installs anyway. I didn't have the van for too long before I totaled it by rear ending a big truck.


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